OPSEU 559 Local Executive Committee

You are not alone. We’re here to HELP you.

Below is the list of 2019-20 Local Executive Committee Officers and Stewards that can be contact via e-mail/ phone or in person by setting up meeting time in our office at Progress Campus, Room A1-20.




DONCHEV, RASHO President x5590
MARK, CLIFFORD Vice-President, Full-Time ☎ x2368
MCKENZIE, COLIN Treasurer ☎ x7183
TAYLOR, TJ Secretary (Communication) ☎ x8072
DREIMANIS, SCARLET Secretary (Membership) ☎ x2603
PEARCE, DAVID Vice-President, Grievances F/T ☎ x4275
SYAL, PULKIT Vice-President, Grievances P/T ☎ x3777
CARTER, QUINCY Vice-President, Job Evaluations ☎ x6317
DIMARIA, JOE Steward (F/T) ☎ x1215
BROWN, HOPE Steward (F/T) ☎ x2065
JASS SAINI Steward (F/T) ☎ x2569
WONG, CATHERINE Steward (F/T) ☎ x2269
PAUL, ROBERT J. Steward (F/T) ☎ x7334
MAKUTO, DESIREE Steward (F/T) ☎ x2061
SUN, ANNIE Steward (F/T) ☎ x6115
CHEN, ANNIE Steward (F/T) ☎ x7390
LUNARIA, JP Steward (F/T) ☎ x2460
WISENER, ANDREW Steward (F/T) ☎ x8085
KAUR, NAVKIRAN (NAV) Steward (P/T) ☎ x7182
CAMERON, COLETTE Steward (F/T) ☎ x8421
ZONNI, ERICA Steward (F/T) ☎x7286
FORD, ROMESSA Steward (P/T) ☎ x3370
HOSMER, SCOTT Steward (P/T) ☎ x8506
STAIS, MICHELLE Steward (P/T) ☎ x1267
MCEACHRAN, SANDRA L.  Steward (F/T) ☎ x7474