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A contingent of your elected colleagues attended OPSEU’s CAAT-S Final Demand Setting meeting this past weekend and are happy to share with you some key highlights from this important meeting.

Sent with the permission of Rasho Donchev, President Local 559

Highlights from the Full-Time College Support Demand Setting Meeting, April 30-May 1, 2022



 OPSEU CAAT-S Demand Set Meeting Sees 50 Recommendations Passed

Demand Set is a part of the bargaining process through which representatives from the College of Applied Arts and Technology Support Staff (CAAT-S) meet to identify and confirm the demands that will be sent to the Employer. This process results in the list of demands the Bargaining Team will take to negotiate a new Collective Agreement with the Employer. This year’s demand set meeting saw 50 demands get passed.





 Local 559 Gets Elected!  It’s Time to Mobilize

Elections occurred at the Full-Time College Support Demand-Setting Meeting where 4 members from our Centennial College Local 559 were elected to positions. As we move closer to Collective Bargaining, we will see an increase in member engagement and mobilization. Look out for Colette Cameron to lead this charge. Congratulations to the following newly elected members:

  • Odessa Austin elected as a Grievance Scheduling Committee Member
  • Colette Cameron elected as Region 5 Bargaining Mobilizer
  • Rasho Donchev elected as a Pension Trustee
  • Rasho Donchev elected as a Divisional Executive Member



Deconstructing Racism – We All Play a Role

The Full-Time College Support Demand-Setting Meeting took time to recognize the importance of deconstructing racism which exists across the province.  The President of the George Brown Local, Megan Carter, challenged members from across the CAAT-S landscape to take efforts to address the underrepresentation of racialized workers. As well as increase outreach to engage with racialized members.  This conversation provided a space for many to share the challenges and hopefulness of the equity work involved in diversifying our union.

Get Ready to VOTE! Provincial Election

This year’s Provincial Election will have significant ramifications on publicly funded labour unions across Ontario. For example, Bill 124, limits wage increases to a maximum of one percent total compensation for three years. This Bill limits our ability to collectively bargain for wage increases. OPSEU is fighting to repeal Bill 124. We are asking all members to join this fight, applying pressure on the province to recognize the importance of the work we do and the fairness of wage increases.





Take the OPSEU Survey and Share How You Can Modernize Membership Outreach

 OPSEU has developed a survey to examine how they can modernize their outreach to members. This survey gives members an opportunity to share their perspectives on communication and engagement. To take this survey, click this link

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