OPSEU 559 Local Executive Committee




DONCHEV, RASHO President x5590
MARK, CLIFFORD Vice-President, Full-Time ☎ x2368
KAUR, NAVKIRAN (NAV) Vice-President, Part-Time ☎ x7182
MCKENZIE, COLIN Treasurer ☎ x7183
TAYLOR, TJ Secretary (Communication) ☎ x8072
DREIMANIS, SCARLET Secretary (Membership) ☎ x2603
PEARCE, DAVID Vice-President, Grievances F/T ☎ x4275
SYAL, PULKIT Vice-President, Grievances P/T ☎ x3777
CARTER, QUINCY Steward (F/T) ☎ x6317
BROWN, HOPE Steward (F/T) ☎ x2065
WONG, CATHERINE Steward (F/T) ☎ x2269
PAUL, ROBERT J. Steward (F/T) ☎ x7334
MAKUTO, DESIREE Steward (F/T) ☎ x2061
CHEN, ANNIE Steward (F/T) ☎ x7390
LUNARIA, JP Steward (F/T) ☎ x2460
WISENER, ANDREW Steward (F/T) ☎ x8085
CAMERON, COLETTE Steward (F/T) ☎ x8421
ZONNI, ERICA Steward (F/T) ☎x7286
FORD, ROMESSA Steward (P/T) ☎ x3370
HOSMER, SCOTT Steward (F/T) ☎ x8506
BRYANT, MARY JO Steward (P/T) ☎ x2407
MCEACHRAN, SANDRA L.  Steward (F/T) ☎ x7474
NGUYEN, HELEN Steward (P/T) ☎ x3392
SANDIFORD, JADE Steward (P/T) ☎ x2212
QAHER, LIMA Steward (P/T) ☎ x3388
CHUNAWALA, ZAINAB Steward (P/T) ☎ x2657
MUSCATELLO, MICHELLE  Steward (F/T) ☎ x2679


The Officers of Local 559 are:

rashoRASHO DONCHEV – President                             cliff-markCLIFFORD MARK – Vice-President, Full-Time

Nav-Kaur-Vice-President-Part-Time NAV KAUR – Vice-President, Part-Time             colin mckenzie COLIN MCKENZIE – Treasurer

tj taylorTJ TAYLOR – Secretary (Communication)         scarlet dreimanisSCARLET DREIMANIS – Secretary (Membership)

DAVID PEARCE – Vice-President, Grievances F/T  PULKIT SYAL – Vice-President, Grievances P/T  PULKIT SYAL – Vice-President, Grievances P/T

quincy carterQUINCY CARTER – Vice-President, Job Evaluations

Fee free to contact us with questions, concerns or comments.

The stewards and officers of the Local comprise the Local Executive Committee (LEC). All officers are also stewards. The LEC meets as required to direct the activities of the Local between membership meetings.