4.1 Seniority List: The College shall prepare and send a copy of the seniority list showing the employee’s seniority, position title, payband, grand-parented payband(s) (if applicable), department, and home campus once every four (4) months to the Local Union President and the Union Head Office. A copy of the seniority list shall be posted at each Campus of each College and a copy of such seniority list shall be made available for inspection by an employee on request.

12.6.4 Seniority Accumulation: Employees on pregnancy or parental leave shall continue to accumulate seniority for the duration of their leaves.

14.2 Accumulating Seniority and Service

14.2.1 Leaves of Absence: Seniority and service shall accumulate for all purposes under the Collective Agreement for a period of up to, but not to exceed, six (6) calendar months during the term of this Agreement during any leave (s) of absence granted, with or without pay, pursuant to the provisions of this Agreement.

14.2.2 Pregnancy, Parental, Developmental Leaves and Less than 12 Month Positions: Notwithstanding the foregoing, seniority and service shall accumulate: – during the length of a pregnancy and/or parental leave; – during the length of developmental leave; – and for any period of layoff pursuant to the Less Than 12 Month Positions Letter of Agreement.

14.2.3 Probationary Employees: This Article shall not apply in the case of probationary employees who shall be required to complete six (6) months of active employment to attain seniority unless waived by the College.

14.2.4 Layoff: It is understood that seniority but not service accumulates during periods of layoff under Article 15.

14.2.5 Workplace Safety and Insurance: Service shall accumulate for up to twelve (12) months of absence while in receipt of Workplace Safety and Insurance benefits.

14.2.6 Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability and Workplace Safety and Insurance: Seniority will continue to accumulate while an employee remains on Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability or in receipt of Workplace Safety and Insurance benefits.