Q: Why am I not on the seniority list?

A: There may be multiple reasons why one’s name wouldn’t appear on the seniority list. Here are some examples:

  • For PT Support Staff:
    • Only Regular Part Time employees who have completed probation will appear on the PT Seniority List.
    • Casual, Temporary and Student Workers will not appear – Our Local filed a grievance in November 2019 challenging the Colleges interpretation on who should be Regular Part-time Support Staff. There are over 700 positions we have challenged. This process will take a while and we are hopeful that the number or Regular PT support staff will increase dramatically.
  • For FT Support Staff:
    • Only employees who have completed probation will appear on the FT Seniority List.
    • Appendix D employees do not accumulate seniority, unless they become Full-time.

Q: I am Full-time support Staff, but had worked Part-Time in the past. Do I get seniority for that period.

A: Yes you do, there is a formula that is applied to calculate the seniority. In the Adjustment Column you should find the number of days you were credited. If you believe that is inaccurate (or missing all together), please ask your Manager to refer you someone in HR to resolve this. Usually we do not need to get involved in the process and it is resolved through the College.

Q: I am a Part-time support staff, but currently on Appendix D assignment. I don’t see my name on either list.

A: While you are on Appendix D assignment you are part of the Full-time bargaining unit and as such you would “disappear” from the Regular PT list and wouldn’t show on FT one. Once you are back to your RPT job, your name should show up again.